Ohayocon 2020

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ESPN Ocho: Unusual Sports in Anime (15+)

Friday 2020-01-10 3:00 PM
Panel 13 (A213-215)

Only on ESPN 8 The Ocho can you see giant robots playing basketball, survival airsoft gun battles and girls using their goods to knock opponents into pool. Anime featured in this panel will showcase sports not found on other networks.

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2019 Must Watch Anime (All Ages)

Friday 202–01-10 4:30 PM
Panel 6 (A110-111)

2019 has provided many great anime. With 40-50 new shows each season it can be tough to find the best shows. Fear not as we have watched far too much anime the past year, and will share some of our favorite titles. Our recommendations will be a mix of popular shows from last year, as well as some overlooked shows.

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The Return of Anime Food Porn (15+)

Saturday 2020-01-11 4:00 PM
Panel 13 (A213-215)

This panel will explore the anime landscape to find the tastiest dishes. These dishes are so delectable that clothing may evaporate.

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